Model 60 Table Model Carpet Yardage Machine




Model 60






Features of Model 60 machines:
1. Adjustable counterbalance for quick pile height adjustment.
2. Wide range and quick change stitch adjustment.
3. Ball bearing eccentrics.
4. 28 inches from inside of head to center of needle bar.  Height opening 10 inches without head shims.
5. All shafts run in needle or ball bearings.
6. Raised needle plate to prevent sewing down pile.
7. Picker roll with overrunning clutch and brake, for positive stitch control.
8. Heavy duty speed reducer on yarn feed.

Yardage tables:
Standard lengths of 15 and 20 feet, 33 inches wide; 44 inches high; equipped with 2 HP motor and speed reducer.  Other tables available to specifications.

These are magazine type, tubing yarn creels.  There is one standby cone for each running end and the number of running ends is equal to the number of needles in the machine.  Creels are shipped knocked down and erection is not included in the price.




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